Reassess by Jimmy Woods

Dear Martin,

As you probably already know, I don’t understand homosexuality, and possibly never will. This is not because I have closed my mind on the subject, but because I am heterosexual.

The only homosexuals I would have seen in my life would have been when I lived in Scandinavia in the early 1960s. The ones I saw were exhibitionists, camp and generally not nice people to know – but remember, I only saw them from my own perspective.

When you ‘came out’ – I think that is the correct term – I had to stop and REASSESS my views on this matter, for you were a person I had known since your boyhood years; somebody I respected and loved to meet as you socialised with my own children, your friends. You are surrounded by people who love you, stand by you and accept you for what you are – a good, decent human being.

Your father Peter realised this was not the case in other families who found themselves in similar circumstances, and he wanted to do something about it. He was a man who believed in the goodness of God, and in the knowledge and belief that God created us all equal. This statement will be questioned by people looking for answers – and rightly so. Peter believed that we were created in love and God would sustain us in that same love, but we had a part to play in it as well.

When something is beyond your understanding and people are involved, we concentrate on the people. For they are the same as us all, just wanting to lead good lives, be happy, to love and to be loved.

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you”. That is why you are loved so much by your family and friends.



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