Share by Joan Woods

Dear Peter,

Your SHARING with us on Thursday night was such a revelation and so inspirational that I just had to put pen to paper. I don’t know how you feel, but I do know with God on your side the situation you both find yourselves in at the moment will undoubtedly bring yourself and Anne close together in love.

Your love for your children goes without saying, and our love for Martin from our very first meeting is evident. Martin has a certain aura about him that one couldn’t but love, and our love for him is unconditional. Irrespective of what Martin would do, that love I have for him would not diminish.

I thank God for Martin’s friends and how faithful they are to him and I’ve never heard a derogatory remark passed about him and his sexuality. They just accept him as Martin, their friend.

The situation is indeed very difficult to comprehend, and I know all sorts of thoughts, especially for his future, compound Anne’s and your mind. The main thing is to remain focused on God and live for the now.

The trip to Australia will be a real blessing for you to see Martin in his own environment. The plans he has for you both show how much he loves and appreciates you and needs your support.

Martin will never be anything to me and Jimmy but a perfect gentleman, and I do mean gentle in the nicest possible way. His concern for me when I was in hospital was paramount, and I knew that from Seamus.

We are so fortunate to have become so involved with Martin’s parents and we thank God for that grace. It is always a pleasure to be in your company – you are so lighthearted and so spiritual – the highlight of my week!

Life is not easy and was never meant to be – God did not promise us a trouble-free journey, just a safe arrival and eternal happiness for all of us. None of us know what tomorrow will bring – we live for today and put our complete trust in God and the Holy Spirit.

God bless. All my love,


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